Dissolving 800 pounds of Epsom Salt in your Float Tank

dissloving 800 pounds of Epsom Salt in a float tank

I’d have to say the most exciting park of setting up my float tent was filling it with water and adding the Epsom Salt.  I’d had a thousand pounds of Epsom salt sitting in the basement for two months, waiting for my float tent.  The moment was finally here.

It took nearly 48 hours for the salt to completely dissolve.  I would occasionally agitate the salt, but it takes awhile to fully dissolve.  It is worth the wait.

It is a treat to have a float space in the basement.  I feel I carry less tension in my muscles now.  It may be due the magnesium or the floating.  Or, a combination of both.  I think floating regularly is really going to reduce my baseline level of stress and allow me to be more present in life.

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  • eliza

    How much salt did you eventually add to your float tent? I have added close to 850 and my Hydrometer has barely moved. I tested it with fresh water and it didnt even float at all. I am pretty sure it’s working.