Zen Float Tent more affordable than building your own

I’ve always had an interest in exploring my subconscious mind.  Blocking everything out except for my thoughts and diving deep into them. zen float tent the most affordable home float tankPlus, rarely do I every feel completely rested.  Between work, family and technology I feel like I never completely relax.

I’d heard of sensory deprivation tanks, but didn’t even consider having one of my own.  A couple of years ago I started to hear about them again.  I’d don’t live near a metro area with a float center, so I decided I was going to build by own.  I just knew it was something that would serve me well.

During my research, I learned of the float tent.  It made floating at home affordable.  And, it is even cheaper than building your own.  I decided I have to have one.  I bought one of the first ten tents when Zen Float when live on Kick Starter.  And, yesterday it showed up at my house.

Right now in my basement, the water is heating and 800 pounds of Epsom Salt is slowly dissolving.  I imagine I will have my first home float in the next day or two.  I put together this blog to share my experience of floating.  I plan to share what I learn about home floating and anything else float related I find.

Enjoy! Feel free to ask me questions in the comments or the contact page.

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