Zen Float Tent Review plus questions and answers

my zen float tent review

I’ve had my Zen float tent well over 6 months now and I thought I would review my experience with the tent.  Plus,  I’ve had some questions about being a tent owner and will answer those.  Feel free to ask me any questions!  Either comment below or contact me.

Easy to set up

I found the float tent very easy to setup.  The guide was easy to follow and I was adding water and Epsom salt before I knew it.

You must be certain where you place the tent is where you plan on keeping it.  Moving the tent would be very difficult.  I setup mine in the basement.  If there were ever a leak it would go right into a drain.


The day to day maintenance of the tent is pretty straight forward. I just top off the water every now and then and add some epsom salt.

My water is hard and I have to add the pH down occasionally.  I do use a activated carbon filter like the TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector.  I am hoping to add a sediment filter at some point, I think that will remove a lot of the minerals that are affecting the pH the water.

To keep the surface of the water clean I let the Blue Devil Scum Buddy float, it absorbs body oils.  I just rinse it out and return it to the tank.  The filter that comes with the tent is easy to use.  I unhook it, and rinse it out, dry it and put it back.  I replace it every few months.  I have experimented with activated charcoal,  I pour some aquarium grade activated carbon into the filter.  It really does seem to keep the water clearer.  I’ve not researched if it is appropriate to use activated charcoal with the high concentration of epsom salt, but it seems to work and I can’t image that it will cause any issues as long as it doesn’t end up going thru the pump.

I have had the pump stop working a couple of times.  I just had to disassemble the back and remove hair.  I have long hair and it does get stuck in the pump.  It is pretty simple to remove, however, I believe the new pumps have a pre-filter to prevent this from happening.

Hydrogen peroxide is also recommended.  Apparently it has a synergistic effect with the ultraviolet light.  I’ve yet to order the concentrated hydrogen peroxide.  I just pour a few ounces of the drug store variety in after each float.

I did have the water get cloudy and the tent had a slight odor when I hadn’t used the tent in awhile (I had not be vigilant about checking the water for awhile either).  I poured some hydrogen peroxide and checked back the next day.  It still had the odor and cloudiness.  So, I put 2 tablespoons of the My Salt Pool Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer in the water.  The next day the water was clear and the air in the tent smelled fresh.  This product is not specifically for this purpose, we use it in our above ground salt water pool.  I’m not recommending you do this, but it worked well for me and does not seem to be a  harmful product.  I still waited a few days before using the tent.

Cost to Operate

This will probably vary greatly due to usage and location of the tent.  I have found the electrical cost for me to vary between about $20 a month in the summer and $40 a month in the winter.  My tent is in my basement and it can be about 55 degrees down there in the winter.

I pay between 7 and 8 cents per kilowatt hour.  Be sure to consider the cost of your electricity when calculating your  potential cost.

Is the tent good for a float business?

I don’t think the tent would be good for a float business.  I do think it would be great for a small group of friends to pool together and share one.

The pump and filter are not powerful enough for a tent that would get used frequently.  I believe, it takes several hours after a float to fully clean the tank with the pump. (correct me if I am wrong).

Plus, there may be local regulations about water related business (same regulations that would apply to pools and spas) and I don’t know if the tent could meet some rigorous standards.

For home use I consider it perfectly safe and sanitary.  I just don’t think it would be ideal for more that a few people to be using it on a regular basis.

How did you get all that salt to your house?

I ordered 1000 pounds of epsom salt from Salt Works.  They offered free shipping and semi truck delivered it to my house.  Keep in mind,  you have to unload the twenty 50 pound bags when the truck arrives.

Also, order some extra.  You will be adding salt back in from time to time as the tank needs it.  I ordered the medium grain and it seems to work well.  The fine grain is probably best avoided because exposure to moisture can turn it into a solid block.

What else would you like to know?  Please ask below






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  • Jeff

    How does the actual float experience with the tent compare to the standard float experience; more expensive models and what you find in commercial businesses? Do you get a true sensory deprivation experience with the tent?

    • Jeff, you can get a good quality float in the tent. It all depends on the placement of the tent, then tent is not soundproof, so the location in your home must be quiet for “full effect.”
      The tent is a bit smaller than most float tanks/pods, however I have never found that to be an issue.

  • Ron Powell

    I tried this yesterday and my butt cheeks never left the bottom is there something that can be done or should I just stop using this.

    Zen Float Center
    Sarnia Ontario

  • Winona

    Yosh, Thanks for the article. Our biggest concern right now is temperature. We want to put the tent in our remodeled garage – now studio- but it is not insulated and the temp can get down to the 40s. We’ve been told the room must be at least 68 degrees F or there can be problems with crystallization which can lead to tears in the plastic. Surely not everyone keeps their float rooms that warm, 24/7, especially if it’s in a garage or basement, like yours. Have you ever heard of people having this problem? Of all the forums I’ve read, I’ve never read that it was an issue.

  • There is a lot information about the benefits of float tanks and sensory deprivation. After floating people claim they are less stressed, sleep better, more creative and all around feel better physically + mentally.